Gordon Burcham

Let me help you become a black belt in business ….

I was a great MA instructor but that didn’t mean I was a great business owner …. I learnt the hard way and lost everything – I can help you avoid making the same mistakes. I have invested over £200k in my own education and mentors and have been in the MA industry for over 20 years. You will have access to all my knowledge as well as tapping into my team who focus on particular areas such as projects, marketing, operations, sales etc.
I’m passionate about helping Martial Arts school owners grow their businesses, achieve their goals, realise their dreams and enjoy the financial rewards and freedom that comes with this. 
There is a common theme with all the successful school owners that I work with and that is

…they are all willing to take action, in order to make changes happen and grow their businesses!


I grew up as a child learning what it takes to run a small-medium size business as my father ran a successful mortgage consultancy in their town. After leaving
school, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. After a few jobs, I decided I would chase my dream. From my spare bedroom, I quickly grew a business turning over £320,000 in my first year. Some years
later, I sold this business to pursue another dream – martial arts! Over the last 16 years, I have 15 sites and 1000+ members. I co-direct 2 other
companies and spend time with my beautiful family. I have extensive knowledge of processes & systems, motivation and building
strong teams which enables any business owner to 10X their business and leverage an increase in their free time.
My desire to help others is immense, to give back and to live a life of gratitude.
Coaching is one way I can achieve these values and as a client, you can be assured of 100% commitment from me.

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Rick has a degree in computer sciences, former 2-time world champion GB coach. Over the last 12 years teaching, he has produced 2 world-champions every year at his academy and has over 570 members. He has a team of 12 to run his 3 full-time academies and print business. He has a no-nonsense approach to getting shit done and will hold his clients accountable for their actions in order to achieve their goals in the shortest timeframe.
Training in boxing and martial arts since a young age and currently holds the following grades. 6th degree blackbelt kickboxing wfmc . 3rd degree blackbelt karate (wako). Black armband Muay Thai (phraya pichai).
Associate instructor in JKD (Rick Faye MKG). Associate instructor Jun Fan Kickboxing (Rick Faye). 1st degree blackbelt Keysi Fighting Method (andy norman and Justo Dieguez). ABA Boxing Coach. Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Instructor in Dacayana Eskrima ( Marcie Harding). Successfully fought in boxing, Kickboxing , MMA , submission wrestling and BJJ.
He loves his two boys, drumming, travel, reading, comedy, martial arts, technology, marketing, innovation in business and helping people.